Before You Fall In Love …

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You’ve found the perfect home … Your search is over! Or is it?

Before you submit that offer, back off for just a minute to consider some details that go deeper than asking price, shiny new appliances, and beautiful landscaping. Getting caught up in the pretty wrapping can make you blind to some issues that can become serious problems when the newness wears off.

Location, Location, Location
Maybe that perfect home is a little farther from your work, and adds an extra 20 minutes each way to your commute. If you must take a different route, what will traffic be like? Twenty extra minutes each way may not seem like a big deal at first, but you’ll be dealing with it every single day for as long as you live in the house. Will there be tolls on your new route? How much more will you spend on gas? What about school zones? Construction? Congestion? Are these inconveniences you’re willing to deal with? Make an educated decision—do a test run of the actual commute and see whether it’s tolerable, or would eventually drive you crazy.

What’s the new neighborhood like? Will you be on a busy street and exposed to annoying traffic noise all hours of the day (and night)? Does the potential neighbor- hood fit your lifestyle? Does the house next door have a big dog in the yard that barks a lot? Are you willing to give up convenience in order to “get away from it all?” Or perhaps give up peace and quiet to be in a more urban setting?

The Practical Side
How much will it cost to live in the house? If you’re upsizing, you may experience sticker shock when you find out how much it will cost to heat and cool the home, as well as insure it and pay property taxes. If you’re downsizing, will you be forced to part with your favorite chair in order to fit your belongings into less space? Is there an HOA? If so, there will be dues to pay.

None of these potential concerns should necessarily eliminate a home from consideration—you just have to set emotions aside temporarily while you weigh the pros and cons. If everything suits you, go ahead and fall in love!

                       Colleen Donlevy-Burns    Your Realtor For Life