House Hunting? Don’t Fall For “Hocus-Pocus!”

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Real Estate

Costumes and masks are designed to cover someone or something’s true identity. At Halloween, that’s a fun kind of trickery or deception. But when “masks” are used to cover  up or disguise things we should know about, that’s a different kind of deception.

  Marketing of any kind, without actually being false, can be deceptive. Sometimes it’s what’s left out rather than what’s said that is the deceptive part. The same can be said in the real estate industry, where a small minority of people will try any trick to achieve a sale. Working with a licensed REALTOR® can help eliminate this problem, because to become a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, an agent must pledge to adhere to a Code of Ethics that mandates high integrity and honor.

  As you tour homes that match your search criteria, you and your REALTOR® must not be afraid to ask questions about anything. A fresh coat of paint can make a water stain disappear like magic. That pretty area rug may be covering an ugly scar on the laminate floor. A locked cabinet may hide something other than personal property. The seller says the roof is only 3 years old? Ask to see documentation. Hang a lovely painting and “abracadabra!” the hole in the wall is gone! Is the home described as energy-efficient? Ask to see actual utility bills for the last several months. What’s behind the drapes that are closed in the middle of the afternoon? The delicious fragrance of freshly-baked cookies could be masking pet odors. Take a measuring tape and confirm the room dimensions. Twelve inches could be the difference between your furniture fitting or not! An advantage of working with a professional is that they know what to look for and ask for.

  As a REALTOR®, Colleen Donlevy-Burns is Your REALTOR® Advisor, dedicated to helping you pull back the veil of mystery that may be hiding details you should know before you buy a home. Call her to help in your home search. There won’t be any hocus-pocus to deceive you in your pursuit. (407) 325-2873