Keep Your Electric Bill In Check This Summer

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As the temperature rises during the summer months, often so does your electric bill. Although there’s no escaping the air conditioning that is needed, there are multiple ways to offset the high costs that accompany the extra cool air. Use these tricks to thoroughly enjoy the warm weather while not having to fret about your bills!

Let your AC breathe.
Clogged air conditioning filters will disrupt airflow. Be sure to either change or clean the filter before the summer every year. With a clean filter, you’ll be able to enjoy the cool breeze without having to lower the temperature as much.

Change your light bulbs. 
LED light bulbs seem to be all the craze, but there’s a good reason. Unlike traditional light bulbs, they produce light without generating extra heat. They also use less electricity and can last for up to twenty years!

Make room for your vents.
Furniture can easily hide vents. From your favorite love seat to your kitchen table, they may look good, but they could be  blocking airflow. Make sure you’re aware of their locations, and move pieces if necessary.

Work with Mother Nature.
There’s no denying that Mother Nature is a strong force—be sure to obey her. When the sun is up, keep the blinds shut. When it goes down, you’re in the clear to open the windows. Although it might be darker than usual, it’ll help keep your space cool.

Change your cooking methods.
A hot meal is great, but during the summer? Not so much. The oven can actually heat the whole house if you’re not careful. Instead, either utilize the microwave or slow cooker, or step outside to grill.


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